Helpline Card

Our Worker Helpline offers free, confidential information and advice for factory workers employed by the factories under ESCP Program. It currently covers China and Vietnam.

Worker Helpline:


Call the helpline for:


Information to help you understand working hours, wages, labour contracts, dismissal and resignation processes, social health insurance, pension plans, or paid leave in relations to ESCP requirements. (* For local laws & regulations in China, you can call 12333 to reach the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau)


Personal support with relationships, homesickness, health and hygiene issues, or help with family relationships


Reporting concerns on any abuse or hazards at work, including unsafe working conditions, harassment or bullying, underage workers, if your documents are being withheld, or if you are unable to leave your job voluntarily

Useful information:

You can email the helpline at  

Calls to the helpline are free in China (including long-distance calls).

The Helpline operating hours are 9am – 9pm (China time), except during the Chinese New Year.

If we miss your call, we will call you back using 136-xxxx-7515 or 136-xxxx-6083.

* Click for Information about our Worker Helpline in Vietnam (Số điện thoại hỗ trợ tại VN)

Helpline Card

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