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a non-profit organization, with over with 20 years’ experience in responsible business and supply chain sustainability.

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Why use the Ethical Supply Chain Program?

The Ethical Supply Chain Program was founded to reduce audit duplication and improve operational efficiency. We have taken our expertise and engineered a program which is applicable to all industries and any factory-based product, all over the world.

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We improve resilience and provide confidence in every tier of your global supply chain

  • Achieve supply chain transparency beyond Tier 1
  • Join forces with industry leaders to reduce duplication, and invest for impact
  • Measure & improve Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) metrics with programs of choice
  • Access ethical supplier bases to advance responsible manufacturing
  • We help you to kick-start or scale up your sustainability journey
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We help you meet your customers’ compliance and sustainability requirements

  • Our standard is required or accepted by 98%+ of global retailers
  • We support you to identify & address compliance challenges
  • Connect, our exclusive technology platform connects you with potential buyers
  • We offer programs to improve your productivity and efficiency
  • Our certification & assessments are developed and supported by the industry

Some of our current members:

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How we add value for your business:

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The Ethical Supply Chain Program (ESCP) has been a long-standing, trusted partner to Mattel, providing a comprehensive social compliance certification program that helps identify and remediate potential risks in our supply chain and ensure that our suppliers meet the standards set forth in our Responsible Supply Chain Commitment. Through our ESCP membership, Mattel is able to support our ESG strategy which aims to promote ethical sourcing practices and worker health and safety throughout our supply chain.

Pam Gill-Alabaster
Former Head of Global Sustainability

We consider the Ethical Supply Chain Program (ESCP) as one of our key multistakeholder initiatives. ESCP has helped to ensure that factories covered within their program adhere to high ethical standards. Their approach to quality and collaboration has streamlined auditing processes for many and reduces audit duplication. We particularly value the thoroughness of their investigations and the work they do beyond certification, which equips factories with the skills they need to make continuous improvements.

Peter Higgins
Executive Director, International Labor Standards

At Target we believe that to drive sustainable, systemic improvements in any sector, collaboration is necessary to enable the tipping point to drive lasting change. We partner with Ethical Supply Chain Program as a leading industry tool that is rooted in improving worker lives and driving continuous improvement. This beyond compliance approach includes progress visits, a worker helpline, and well-being programs.

Heather Canon
Senior Director, Responsible Sourcing & Sustainability for Target

Ethical Supply Chain Program capabilities enable growth across our diverse supplier network. Our partnership with ESCP has made a positive impact on workers and communities where Crayola operates. We look forward to continuing our partnership as we evolve and grow together.

Todd Theodore
Director, Global Quality Assurance

Ethical Supply Chain Program is an essential part of our global sourcing strategy. We do not have the resources or the expertise to run our own social compliance ethical sourcing program. The Ethical Supply Chain Program with it’s specialized focus on the Toy Industry helps us to meet the expectations, standards and requirements of our many stakeholders.

Timothy Sullivan
Senior Vice President Compliance Quality for Spin Master

Thanks to the Ethical Supply Chain Program we were able to develop further Responsible Manufacturing by connecting us to the platform of Asian factories and push forward many of the standards that our consumers are requesting. On top of that, we are proud to be part of the network of companies that believe in the program, sharing knowledge and collaborating through different webinars. Last but not least, we confirm the importance of this Certification for our company, but as well for our suppliers, and most importantly, our consumers.

Diego Mombelli
Global Supply Chain Director of Asmodee

Ethical Supply Chain Program is an essential part of our global sourcing strategy. We do not have the resources or the expertise to run our own social compliance ethical sourcing program. ICTI Ethical Toy Program with it’s specialized focus on the Toy Industry helps us to meet the expectations, standards and requirements of our many stakeholders.

Michael Hyde
Non-Executive Director

Ethical Supply Chain Program is endorsed by a wide range of customers, such as publishers, toy brands and retailers. For businesses like ours that serve different industries, ESCP allows us to avoid the frustration of having to obtain multiple certifications. In addition to allowing us to meet orders, ESCP certification covers all areas of worker well-being, working conditions, and occupational health and safety, which helps us to systematically prevent numerous operational risks. The ESCP expert team are always on hand to answer all the questions we face in our management processes and put our minds at ease.

Alice Yeung
Administration Director of Golden Cup Printing

Ethical Supply Chain Program is recognized by our brand customers. In addition, the program is a complete and continuously improving management system, it also has a team of experts and provides professional support and training to us to help us improve our staff management, reduce employee turnover, and protect our business reputation. Our factory is viewed more favorably by both our customers and our workers, which helps us reduce risk from our factory management system. Joining the program protects your workers and enhances your business.

Amy Jiang
Senior Manager, Compliance Department of First Union

Through participation in the Ethical Supply Chain Program, our factory has gained increased recognition for our social responsibility from government, community, our brand clients, and our workers, and the reputation of our business has improved. The Ethical Supply Chain Program is an important component of our organization’s corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, participating in ESCP improves worker-management relations and work environment.

Best Top Factory

Ethical Supply Chain Program is a valuable partner who provides Identity Games with useful tools to source responsibly and select factories with high ethical standards. Their audit reports are helpful to ensure a safe work environment for all involved in our supply chain.

Jeroen Nugteren
Managing Directior of Identity Games

Hallmark values our partnership with the Ethical Supply Chain Program. We collaborate with ESCP in order to support our core suppliers and to better manage their compliance performance. Hallmark appreciates ESCP’s supplier training program which helps us to build our suppliers’ responsible sourcing capabilities and bring awareness across our supply chain.

Kiersten Wilmes
Senior Director, Product Integrity & Sustainability