Social Impact Assessments

The Social Impact Assessment from ESCP is a new tool for companies to use to measure and improve the effectiveness of management systems in place to support worker wellbeing and ensure safe workplace conditions

We believe that all businesses should have a positive impact on their workers and other people affected by their operations. The assessment is based on an ethos of ‘you can’t improve what you don’t measure’ – to improve social impact the first step for a company is to measure what it is doing now. From there it can map a path to improvement.

The ESCP Social Impact Assessment is designed to look at a manufacturing site, vendor, agent, or licensee’s social impact by measuring the effectiveness of management systems in place for labor standards in their businesses and in their supply chains. Social impact covers the effect an organization has on people and communities as a result of its actions, activities, projects, programs, or policies.

The assessment is not an audit; it is a capacity-building exercise that is designed to help the organizations completing it by providing them with advice, coaching, and a tailored improvement plan based on the findings.

The assessment costs $650 USD and consists of a self-assessment questionnaire and an independent evaluation call with an ESCP assessor. Following this, the supplier will receive a tailored improvement plan and verified score.

It is also possible for suppliers to undergo a combined Environmental & Social Impact Assessment, the fee for which is $1,000 USD.

The Social Impact Assessment program provides:

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Remote online assessments help reduce audit burden, scalable and low cost

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Globally available, non-category specific assessments, applicable to any supplier you are working with

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External independent and trusted verification of suppliers performance

Two types of assessment

Direct Manufacturers

The Social Impact Assessment for Manufacturers takes a different approach to the traditional factory audit and certification. The program focuses on management systems and is designed to verify and improve a supplier’s capability to manage labor standards in their facility.

Licensees, Vendors, Agents

The Social Impact Assessment for Vendors is suitable for any company you work with that produces products on your behalf and outsources the manufacturing process – this version of the assessment looks at a company’s capability to manage labor standards in their supply chain. It is designed to provide you with assurance and visibility over their processes.

Assessment Process

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Supplier completes online self-assessment questionnaire on their management systems in place for social compliance


Independent evaluation conducted via phone/video with factory and ESCP

A score card with a check mark on it


Improvement plan issued by ESCP with priority areas identified

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Supplier receives support and resources to implement suggested improvements

Benefits of using the Social Impact Assessment program

Enables risk-based approach

Provides support for suppliers & workers

Improves standards at suppliers & promotes supplier ownership of social compliance

Efficient oversight & due diligence program

Low cost, efficient and global

Applicable to any product category

Companies using the program:

Ethical Supply Chain Program capabilities enable growth across our diverse supplier network. Our partnership with ESCP has made a positive impact on workers and communities where Crayola operates. We look forward to continuing our partnership as we evolve and grow together.

Todd Theodore
Director, Global Quality Assurance

The IETP Social Impact Assessment provides both us and our suppliers with greater insight into the effectiveness of their labour standards and worker wellbeing management systems. The assessment offers meaningful observations on a range of performance areas and a clear time-framed strategy that can follow to build capacity, increase capability, and to further drive up standards

Nicola Torode
Head of Ethical Supplychain DK

Hear from program users:

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