Getting Certified

5 steps to getting Ethical Supply Chain Program (ESCP) certified

Further details of the factory application process are included in the Ethical Supply Chain Program Factory Welcome Pack.

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Step 1: Apply online

Start your application for Ethical Supply Chain Program certification online.

Factories/suppliers who are new to the program, and factories wishing to renew their certification, should apply through our Connect Platform.

Login to the Connect Platform to continue your application or review your account:

Ethical Supply Chain Program Connect Platform

Once you have submitted your application, you will have an account on Connect, our online responsible sourcing platform (formerly known as ICPS).

The Connect Platform is more than just a registration portal. Connect is where all your factory information is stored, from details about your production sites to the latest audit report, corrective action plans, and other metrics such as the Environmental Assessment (if applicable).

Factories use Connect to track their certification status and progress in the Ethical Supply Chain Program, view audit data on your factory, and connect and share audit and other sustainability information (if applicable) directly with all your customers.

Your customers use this platform to ‘connect’ with you. Once connected your customers can view your data in real time which cuts out the need for you to manually share information with them.

As soon as you have registered for certification you can log into the platform and start connecting with customers. You can also track the progress of your application for certification and view all your Audit Reports via the platform.

Connect Platform benefits:

  • Listing in our global ethical toy manufacturing database provides increased factory visibility to both existing, and potential, customers
  • Access information on certification and audit data
  • Share your certification and audit data with multiple customers
  • Connected customers can easily download your Audit Reports and Corrective Action Plans, and other sustainability metrics such as an Environmental Assessment, saving your time and effort

It is important to respond to your customers’ connection requests. You should also ensure that the email address provided on registration is one that is regularly checked as we will use this email address to contact you and send you important updates.

Step 2: Pay membership fees

Once you have created your user account on the Connect Platform and submitted your new factory application, your initial fees will be due.

Initial fees consist of two parts: a registration fee payable direct to Ethical Supply Chain Program; and an audit fee payable direct to your assigned audit firm.

Once you have finished your registration for Ethical Supply Chain Program Certification, an accredited third-party audit firm will be assigned for your upcoming audit.

Step 3: Audit Scheduled

Audit will be arranged and then completed by the assigned audit firm within two months

What to expect from an Ethical Supply Chain Program Audit

  • Our certification is mainly based on unannounced audits, see "Types of Audits and Visits" to learn more about each type of audit & visit.
  • Auditors and Progress Visit Specialists are assigned by Ethical Supply Chain Program.
  • Audits are conducted against our audit checklist by ESCP team or accredited third-party audit firms.
  • Progress Visits can be conducted by the accredited audit firm, ESCP team, or other specialist organizations
  • Click here to learn how to verify auditors and PV specialists from ESCP and accredited audit firms.

Step 4: Audit report reviewed

All audit report will be reviewed by Ethical Supply Chain Program team to ensure all standards are met.

Each Ethical Supply Chain Program audit is reviewed by our Program Monitoring and Development Team who determine the final result. The result is based on examination of non-compliances identified by auditors and takes into account any comments or responses reflected by the factory in the Corrective Action Plan.

Ethical Toy Program Certificate will be issued once all requirements have been met.

Step 5: If standards are met, certificate issued

The final stage is receiving your Ethical Supply Chain Program Seal of Compliance. Once your audit report has been approved, you will be eligible to receive your seal on receipt of the final payment of the seal fee.

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