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Ethical Supply Chain Program certified supplier search

Check the Certification status of any supplier in the Ethical Supply Chain Program, or validate the authenticity of certificates or audit reports.

You can search our database by Supplier Name, Ethical Supply Chain Factory ID or Certificate Number.

Learn more about the factory statuses , certification processes, and types of Audits & Visits

Want more factory information? Or keen to find ethical suppliers?

Ethical Supply Chain Program membership gives you access to our Connect Platform. This technology platform provides advanced search functionality for you to look for new ethical suppliers, including precise filtering by factory size, product type, industry type, certification level, and factory location.

To improve your supply chain sustainability, platform users receive instant factory status notifications and can access detailed factory profiles, historical audit data, and download audit reports and certificates.

For those who would like to increase supply chain visibility, Connect Platform offers an analytics tool to translate social audit reports into interactive and easy-to-understand charts and graphs.

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