Gender Equality Program

ESCP has developed a Gender Equality program for suppliers in any industry, to promote good business, empower female workers and help companies achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal no.5: Achieve gender equality and empower women and girls.

Achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls helps expand economic growth, promote social development and establish more stable and just societies. ESCP has developed a Gender Equality program, including a Gender Equality handbook, developed with the support of Mattel, to be deployed in factories all over the world.

The program is free for all ESCP-certified factories to partake in and has been developed to address identified needs for gender equality initiatives in manufacturing environments.

Gender Equality Program:

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Addresses need for Gender Equality Initiatives in Factories

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Meets United Nations SDG Goal No.5

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Encourages action against harassment in the workplace

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Promotes WEPs throughout the supply chain

Before the Gender Equality program is deployed we conduct a baseline survey to understand the current gender equality policies in place and their employees’ awareness of gender equality. Results of the baseline surveys from our pilot program showed, on average:

  • 34% of management and 35% of workers did not know the factory had existing written gender equality policy documents
  • 45% of management and 39% of workers did not know that there were grievance and appeal channels in the factory they could utilise when faced with gender-based discrimination, unfair treatment, workplace violence, or sexual harassment at work
  • 40% of management and 56% of workers disagreed that giving priority to hiring a male employee with the same qualifications and under equal conditions as a female employee was a form of discrimination against female employees
  • 28% of management and 43% of workers agreed that sexual harassment can be caused by wearing sexy clothing or the appearance of female employees

The baseline survey gives us an insight into the understanding of the concept of gender equality within the factories before we can deploy any learning. Once we have introduced the program, delivered management and worker training, and provided the resources to the factories to improve workplace policies and education on the matter, we perform an impact assessment measuring this progress.

Download the 2023 Impact Report here.

Our Gender Equality Program is delivered in 3 ways:

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Gender Equality Handbook

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Educational Video Series (E-learning platform)

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Capability-Building Workshops

The Handbook

With the support of Mattel we have developed a Gender Equality handbook, suitable for deployment in workplaces all over the world. The handbook provides an introduction and overview of Gender Equality through 4 key chapters:

  • Chapter 1: What is Gender Equality? This section will cover the meaning of gender equality in society & in the workplace, discrimination, sexual harassment, violence
  • Chapter 2: The Benefits of Promoting Gender Equality. This chapter will explain the benefits of GE, including increased employee satisfaction, attracting a greater talent pool, harmonious labor relations, preventing harassment, discrimination & workplace violence, meeting customer needs and seizing business opportunities, legal compliance, & meeting societal responsibilities.
  • Chapter 3: Establishing Policies & Systems. This chapter provide tools & steps for establishing policies & systems ensuring Gender Equality in the workplace.
  • Chapter 4: Promoting Gender Equality at all levels. This chapter provides case studies and best practice sharing to ensure Gender Equality in recruitment, career development, compensation..etc.

The Handbook is currently available in Simplified Chinese & English.

You can find the Handbook within the 'Training' section of our Connect Platform now:

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Educational Video Series

The educational video series is delivered over 6 video sessions, covering the below topics:

  • Promoting gender equality starts with addressing harassment & violence
  • Everyone is involved in creating a harassment-free environment
  • Beware of harassment caused by an abuse of power
  • Say 'No’ Loudly to stop harassment at work or in public immediately
  • No one should be threatened for filing a complaint
  • Helping victims get back to normal life

All videos are in Simplified Chinese but have English subtitles, to access the e-learning platform please follow the English speaking instructions below:

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Capability-Building Workshops

The online capability-building workshops will be delivered on a broad range of topics relating to Gender Equality, a variety of topics will be covered ensuring management & CSR staff are given an understanding of:

  • The right foundation – topics including: Importance of Gender Equality, Laws & Policies, Employer Responsibilities
  • The right environment - topics including: Promoting Gender Equality & Women Empowerment
  • The right information - topics including: Communicating with Workers, Awareness of & Prevention of Sexual Harassment & Violence

These workshops are currently under development and will be made available soon, contact us for more information.

Download the 2023 Impact Report

Gender Equality Impact Report 2023

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