Case Studies

Case Studies:

The spin master logo on a green background

We take responsible sourcing and worker well-being incredibly seriously, which is why we signed up as a member

Spin Master joined the program in 2016. Since joining, they have praised the program for how it fulfils CSR ambitions and enhances oversight of an expanding supply chain.

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If you really want to add value to your ESG strategy and be seen as a serious player, definitely have a conversation with the team

The DHL Group joined the program in 2021, they approached ESCP to learn about the Social Impact & Environmental Assessment tools.

Partner Case Studies:

The logo for shared value initiative in hong

ESCP - the sustainable approach to positively impacting workers, children, parents, and consumers

Shared Value Initiative recently produced a case study on our program. The case study highlights the societal and business benefits of the ESCP program and how we address business pain points for organisations globally.