Family-Friendly Factory Program

What is a Family-Friendly Factory?

A Family-Friendly Factory is one which has considered the distinct needs of its employees with family & carer responsibilities. The Family-Friendly Factory program works to improve factory policies and environments to support working parents.

Factories are empowered to create their own family-friendly policies and provide facilities that promote a positive family-work balance.

Each factory entering the Family-Friendly Factory program undertakes an initial needs assessment from which a bespoke program of policies, facilities and activities will be suggested to address these needs.

Elements of a Family-Friendly Factory may include:

Providing employer-funded childcare through implementing ESCP's Family-Friendly Spaces program

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Employer-funded training and support for parents, helping them to develop new skills

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Workplace policies which offer parents benefits such as flexible working arrangements and enhanced parental leave

The Purpose of ESCP's Family-Friendly Factory Program:

ESCP, along with UNICEF’s Family-Friendly Policies guidance and expert advice, developed the program to optimise family-friendly policies in order to create a working environment that improves the physical and mental wellbeing of workers.

Our research showed a lack of affordable, safe and accessible childcare was the no.1 reason why factory workers were leaving their jobs. We understand the importance of listening to workers and the ESCP Family-Friendly Factory (FFF) program helps factories to do this.

The FFF program encourages factories to implement policies that create a working environment that allows parents and caregivers to balance work and personal life and the care of children.

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Since 2021, ESCP has been piloting the initiative at four ESCP-certified factories, with guidance from UNICEF, with the four following aims:

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Family-Friendly Factory 2023 Impact Report

This report shows the impacts, outcomes and case studies from four factories, participating in the 2023 program, benefitting over 8,000 workers.

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Social Impact Assessments

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Worker Well-Being Initiatives

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