Focus on Family-Friendly Spaces – celebrating the sustainable business benefits produced at this pioneering factory

October 2023

October 27, 2023

October 2023The 2023 Family-Friendly Spaces program marks 8 years of operating the program. This year we are proud to announce 33 factories participated in the program. Every year, we take the opportunity to celebrate the impacts the program brings to the participating children, workers and factories through the impact report, read this year's report here.This year, we are very proud to shine a spotlight on one of the factories that have participated in the program since its pilot in 2016 - Ying De Best Top Toys co. Ltd, located in Guangdong, China.The pioneering Ying De Best Top Toys factory signed up to join the program during its pilot phase in 2016, reuniting left-behind children with their working parents during the summer time. Due to the success of the program, which is completely funded for any factory during its first year of implementation, Ying De Best Top Toys decided to continue implementing their Space at their own cost the following year, and have continued to do so every year since.We understand factory management want to continue running the Family-Friendly Spaces program in their facilities due to the tangible business benefits it produces. This summer, we sat down with Ying De Best Top Toys factory management to celebrate their 8 years of participating in the program and in addition to delighting in the societal benefits of the program, they shared with us the measurable business benefits it has provided them over the years, from reported reduced turnover rates, work-related injuries and increased employee satisfaction. The proof really is in the data.We really want to celebrate Ying De Best Top Toys' commitment to the program as well as take this opportunity to highlight the remarkable business benefits it has produced for them. The graphs below show year-on-year improvements in employee satisfaction, leave rate, turnover rate and work-related injures, since 2016.Children attending the piloting Family-Friendly Space in 2016The data really speaks for itself, and is the reason why factories continue to fund the spaces themselves after the first year of implementation. If you are a factory and would like to participate in this program, which is completely funded in the first year of operation, contact Nancy Chen at: to find out how to get started in 2024!If you are a brand and would like to nominate the factories in your supply chain and sponsor the program, contact Anita Lo at: to learn more.