IETP joins effort to establish World Sustainable Toy Day

On 17th October, 2022, The ICTI Ethical Toy Program (IETP) joined the effort in establishing World Sustainable Toy Day, in an effort to raise awareness of environmental issues and to empower businesses to drive change.We are proud to support World Sustainable Toy Day! Toys shape how kids see and interact with the world, which gives us the opportunity and responsibility to use play to help them become more climate confident. I think we can leave them a better legacy than ocean waste and toys they lose interest in after just one week!We're excited to announce we are joining the effort to establish a World Sustainable Toy Day to be celebrated annually on the 3rd Friday of November. Join us to promote sustainable toys and a more eco-friendly toy industry!The theme for the inaugural World Sustainable Toy Day - 'Toys That Last'It is reported that children lose interest in 25% of their toys after one week, and by the end of January, around 35% of Christmas toys are no longer loved*. No matter what they're made of, toys that don't get used are not sustainable and end up as landfill.We are aware the global toy industry is the most plastic-intensive in the world, on track to produce 1 million tonnes of waste annually; At the same time 75% of kids are reportedly worried about their future because of climate change and the oceans are in a plastic-waste crisis.Learn more about World Sustainable Toy Day here and become a change maker in the toy industry.