Toy Manufacturer - If we don't continue FFS, it'll impact the employee turnover rate

BackgroundFor 5 consecutive years, Ying De Best Top Toys in Qing Yuan, China, has been operating a Family-Friendly Spaces (FFS) Program within their factory premises.In the first year, the factory got support from IETP and its implementation partner CCRCSR to set up the space, which involved a comprehensive training program and set-up support. Since then, the factory has been running the space successfully without any external support.Even during the pandemic, the factory decided to continue with the program, opening the space from July to August, Monday to Saturday. Three professional, full-time teachers and 2 part-time teachers took care of 65 children who got to spend a safe and fun summer with their parents. Even now with schools open again, the factory continues to open the space after school and on Saturdays so that parents need not worry about childcare when they work longer hours or on weekends. What motivates this factory to continue running the FFS? In this interview, we talk to Judy Yang, Manager at Best Top.Please click "+" next to the question to view the answer, or download the pdf here. How can you support the program?Contact us via if you want to learn how the program works, the benefits it delivers, how can it incorporate into your CSR strategy, etc.