IETP Hosts Complimentary Workplace Safety Training Sessions Empowering 460+ Members of Factory Management

The ICTI Ethical Toy Program understands the importance of workplace safety as it helps to ensure a safe, harmonious, and productive work environment in global supply chains; that's why our social certification and assessments evaluate suppliers’ performance and management systems in these areas. We understand improving workplace safety cannot be achieved through audit alone; we therefore provide complementary capability-building training & opportunities to all the suppliers in our program, to promote and ensure safety awareness in the workplace. To ensure buyers source with the confidence that their products are made in a safe working environment, and that worker wellbeing is a priority of their suppliers; we invited external EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) experts to host training sessions in both Putonghua and English, providing IETP factory members with a solid breadth of understanding. The three virtual training sessions hosted over 460 members of factory management from various countries. The sessions aimed to raise awareness on the subject, as well as, empowering the participants to identify and remediate potential risks in their production plants; especially on the subject of electrical, machinery and fire safety with example case studies and suggested preventive measures. To be notified of our upcoming events, please subscribe to our newsletter.