ICTI Ethical Toy Program – statement in response to China Labor Watch, Solidar Suisse, ActionAid France & CI Romero Report

Update 24th Dec:The IETP team has now concluded our fact-checking investigation and a brief summary highlighting the findings is available here. Our technical team in China will provide ongoing support such as targeted training to help the factories tackle the root cause of issues found to drive sustainable improvements.We are eager to have constructive dialogue with any stakeholder who seeks to achieve positive change through responsible and trusted engagement. For this reason, we will share our investigation findings, as we have done previously, with the NGOs who authored the reports and provide the opportunity to discuss the findings directly with us.Update 18th Dec:The IETP team has now completed our on-site investigation into the allegations raised in the two reports. We are now consolidating the findings, and a brief summary highlighting the results will soon be made available here and also shared with Buyer Members via email.The detailed investigation report which lists all the allegations, on-site findings, and supporting documentation will also be made available to direct customers of the investigated factories and companies mentioned in the reports.We will also be sharing our investigation findings with the NGOs who authored the reports and be providing the opportunity to discuss the findings directly with us and answer any questions they may have.Update 7th Dec:Our technical team has completed a review of the reports, comparing the findings in the reports with existing data and documentation collected in our previous unannounced audits and Progress Visits. This week, we will conduct a fact-finding investigation at the two factories in the reports. As the reports and the allegations are in the public domain we have informed the factory management of our investigation and our planned visit. To achieve a balanced and comprehensive picture of the allegations, we will involve both factory management and workers, meeting both separately.Update 3rd Dec:ICTI Ethical Toy Program (IETP) has learned of two reports published by China Labor Watch, Solidar Suisse, ActionAid France, and CI Romero which allege poor labor standards and gender-based harassment at two factories in China.IETP is taking these report seriously, we are in the process of reviewing the details of the report and comparing the allegations to the existing data and documentation we have collected in the previous unannounced audits and announced Progress Visits.Download the statements in full:IETP Statement in response to 'Workers in Misery - An Investigation into Two Toy Factories' (03 Dec 2020)IETP Statement in response to 'Mattel doit mettre fin au harcélement sexuel' (03 Dec 2020)