Spotlight on Gender Equality this March 8th, International Women’s Day

March 8th is recognised globally as International Women’s Day and an opportunity to celebrate Women and to highlight important causes such as Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment. At IETP, we are a signatory to the Women’s Empowerment Principles and vehemently believe in these causes and promote the empowerment of women through our program, auditing and training courses. Training Courses:Since the launch of our Gender Equality program, we have successfully conducted Gender Equality Training at 12 piloting factories, covering just under 600 people from all levels of seniority. We offer in-person and online capability building programs to factories, these focus on a broad range of topics relating to Gender Equality, ensuring management & CSR staff are given an understanding of:The right foundation – topics including: Importance of Gender Equality, Laws & Policies, Employer ResponsibilitiesThe right environment - topics including: Promoting Gender Equality & Women EmpowermentThe right information - topics including: Communicating with Workers, Awareness of & Prevention of Sexual Harassment & ViolenceTraining courses can be tailored to meet factories specific needs. Contact us for more information. Video Series:We have also developed and produced a video series to help workers improve their overall awareness and understanding of Gender Equality. Nearly 10,000 workers have viewed these videos and all of the factories in our program have access to the Gender Equality learning hub to disseminate this information to their workforce. The video topics of our Gender Equality video series are:Promoting gender equality starts with addressing harassment & violenceEveryone is involved in creating a harassment-free environmentBeware of harassment caused by an abuse of powerSay 'No’ Loudly to stop harassment at work or in public immediatelyNo one should be threatened for filing a complaintHelping victims get back to normal life All videos are in Simplified Chinese but have English subtitles, to access the e-learning platform please follow the English-speaking instructions here.The Handbook:Our Gender Equality handbook is also available to all of the factories in our program, the handbook was developed with the support of Mattel. It is suitable for deployment in workplaces all over the world. The Handbook is currently available in Simplified Chinese & English, program members can access the handbook within the ‘Training’ section of the Connect Platform. Log into connect here. The handbook provides an introduction and overview of Gender Equality through 4 key chapters:Chapter 1: What is Gender Equality? This section will cover the meaning of gender equality in society & in the workplace, discrimination, sexual harassment, violenceChapter 2: The Benefits of Promoting Gender Equality. This chapter will explain the benefits of GE, including increased employee satisfaction, attracting a greater talent pool, harmonious labor relations, preventing harassment, discrimination & workplace violence, meeting customer needs and seizing business opportunities, legal compliance, & meeting societal responsibilities.Chapter 3: Establishing Policies & Systems. This chapter provide tools & steps for establishing policies & systems ensuring Gender Equality in the workplace.Chapter 4: Promoting Gender Equality at all levels. This chapter provides case studies and best practice sharing to ensure Gender Equality in recruitment, career development, compensation..etc.