Toy Manufacturer - The investment has paid off

BackgroundMorning Light is a toy and packaging manufacturer in Dongguan, China. Since 2019, the factory has been operating a Family-Friendly Space (FFS) within its premises every summer to support parent workers in need of childcare and to provide an opportunity for left-behind children to reunite with their parents over the summer. Close to 50 children attend the summer program each year, bringing immense relief to their working parents. The factory has enjoyed numerous business improvements because of this initiative. In the interview featured here, Morning Light’s Human Resource Manager, Huang Man, tells us their experiences with the Family-Friendly Spaces program in detail.Please click "+" next to the question to view the answer, or download the pdf here. How can you support the program?Contact us via if you want to learn how the program works, the benefits it delivers, how can it incorporate into your CSR strategy, etc.